What is your family’s biggest asset? You! Whether you are single, with a partner, or married with kids you are the biggest asset. This is because it is your ability to work and earn an income that provides for you way of life and where you are planning to go.

your familyMany people believe the house they are buying is their biggest asset. However, think about this it is your ability to earn an income that gives you the capacity to pay the mortgage, pay your bills and provide for your way of life. Over a 45 year working life span earning $50000 p.a. you will earn $2,250,000 dollars.

At NZMF we believe RISK Protection is essential for anyone who has or is entering into a financial commitment. It is a part of the costs of buying and/or owning a home. You wouldn’t drive away in new car without insuring it first would you? The same principle applies you wouldn’t buy a home without insuring yourself and the home first!

There are a lot of different products available and we recommend that you contact your advisor to discuss what are the best options for you.

Risk Protection - the basics

Income Protection- Your biggest asset is your income and ability to earn. We believe insuring your income is protecting your family’s way of life

  • You can cover up to 75% of your current income.
  • There are two basic approaches Agreed Value (many self employed take this option) or Indemnity Value (most common for salary and wage earners).
  • If you have an Accident ACC can cover this but what if you get sick? ACC is for accidents not illness! This is a very important distinction.

Both covers are available to you. To determine what is most suitable for you talk to one of our advisors now.

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