Creating Wealth Through Property Investment

Learn how to get rich safely and securely through investment property in 5 simple steps!

your familyAt NZMF we work with you to create a 5 step PLAN to get you started on the property investor ladder!

Step 1: Assess your appetite for risk & Agree on a financial plan
What your financial goals are, your current income, your desired income for retirement, your statement of position - what you own vs what you owe i.e. your net worth? What your aspirations are now and in the future. Assess your ability and capacity to borrow.

Step 2: Is property investment the right ‘investment vehicle’ to get you there?
Assess the ownership structure- personal, joint names, company LAQC or Family trust?, talk to an accountant about what is best for you, understand tax structures and cash flows, yields, income and outgoings, the tax benefits-special tax codes, and being a Landlord, having tenants, property managers, tenancy whether is it the right investment for you!

Step 3: Get pre-approved finance
Understanding finance options - 100% borrowing against equity or cash deposit? Principal and interest? Interest only? Secure finance from an investor friendly lender, arrange the deposit, and ensure the correct loan structure in line with tax structures.

Step 4: Find your property and buy it
You can do this yourself or perhaps you have considered working through an investment company. Please be aware that if you do decide to work through a property investment company regardless of how good they say it is - you MUST get independent advice. You are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Spend the time and money to get trusted independent advice.

Step 5: Being handed the keys!
Taking ownership, renting it out and finding the next one!
Well done you’ve bought your first home, this is just the beginning you need market it for or appoint the property manager, find tenants, get it cleaned, the list goes on and once the dust settles then its time to find the next one!

At NZMF we believe rental property is a safe and secure way to create wealth. However, while it would be great to all be millionaires and have ten rental properties this is not for everyone. There are risks involved with any investment and its important to understand what these are and that whatever happens you are not going to lose the shirt off your back!

Who does NZMF help?

We have identified 3 key areas of expertise where we our specialists assist:
The first time investor – Those of you who are looking at your first rental and the possibility of owning one or two as a maximum and that is it.
The full time investor - Those of you who are aiming or are a full time investor with property in your blood! This may mean owning many residential properties or you want to foray into the commercial property sector too.
The self employed person - You may be looking to own the premises that you work in or a commercial investment in nature.